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PaperWizz is an Office Paper, Printer Cartridge Supplier in Centurion and Pretoria. We focus on supplying these in bulk, quickly and hassle free


Paperwizz Products - paper, cartirdges and stamps


Paper & Sundry delivered, reliably
and fast.

When you have an urgent document to print and Murphy strikes, leaving you without paper, don’t panic! Call PaperWizz and they’ll whizz it across to you asap!


PAPERWIZZ provides Quality products for busy environments


We focus on supplying the most popular paper sizes, A4 and A3, in both Typek and Mondi Rotatrim brands.  These are widely used in high-volume environments, such as the legal, insurance and finance fields.  Both are suitable for use in multiple office copiers as well as inkjet and laser printers.  

Same day delivery or no later than 48 hours, after the order has been placed.


You have the printer, we have the cartridge.  Not only all the major brands, but the less common ones too.

Delivery max. three days from date of order.


Stamps galore for all types of businesses. Commissioner of Oaths, Certified True Copy rubber stamps and more for the legal profession, as well as stamps for general office use, such as Delivered, Confidential and more.

Delivery within 24 – 48 hours.

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I just want to thank Paperwizz for saving us from being without paper yesterday.  We always check our levels but this month we did not.  We send you a message at 10 am and before 12pm you delivered our paper

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